Mobile Notary Services vs The UPS Store. 7 Tips To Attract More Clients.



Mobile Notary Services vs The UPS Store. 7 Tips To Attract More Clients.

    by Notary Course Online
  • November 9, 2023

Without a doubt, notary services are always in high demand. Notaries public in California provide a wide variety of duties, such as apostilles and loan signing. One of the most common requests for notaries is document notarization. However, due to time limits, remoteness, complicated logistics, or other factors, clients may find it difficult to visit a notary public office each time they need to notarize a document. That’s when a mobile notary service can be preferred to a traditional notary public. Thevast network of UPS stores can also provide notary services similar to traditional notaries public.

Traditional, mobile, and UPS notaries all have advantages and disadvantages. Know the differences so that you can make more money as a notary public in California.

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What Is a Mobile Notary Service?

Unlike a traditional notary public, a mobile notary (also known as a “traveling notary”) is able to serve their clients in-person at a specific venue and time. In other words, it is a mobile notary public who travels to the client’s location, be it their home, office, hospital, etc, not the other way around. A crucial part of a mobile notary service is verifying the identity of signers, being a witness when a document is signed, and finally, putting a notary stamp on a document and signing it.

The main advantage of a mobile notary service is flexibility since clients can choose the time and place for the service. Mobile notary services can be available 24/7, including weekends or holidays. Additionally, a mobile notary service can accommodate a large number of clients, which can be a huge time-saver for those who have a lot of documents to notarize.

So, if you’re willing to become a notary public in California, mobility will definitely strengthen your competitive advantage. By becoming a mobile notary you will end up attracting more clients.

What Is the UPS Store Notary Service?

Notary services are also available at the The UPS Store. This shipping company has a large network of locations throughout the United States and Canada, which makes it easy for an individual client to find “UPS notary services near me”. Notary service at The UPS Store are usually offered during regular operational hours, but some locations may offer extended hours on business days or weekends.

The UPS Store notary service is an alternative option for those who need to notarize their documents in person. This type of service is ideal for those who only have a few documents to notarize and prefer the added security of a physical location. The UPS Store also provides other services, such as printing, shipping, and mailbox services, which allow clients to combine multiple tasks in a single visit.

One of the main benefits of the UPS Store notary service is its affordability. The fees for notary services at the UPS Store are typically lower than mobile notary services, making it a cheaper option.

How to Win the Competition: Mobile Notary Service vs. The UPS Store

California mobile notaries can compete with The UPS Store by focusing on the unique advantages of their services and promoting those features to potential clients. Here are the 7 competitive advantages to focus on:

1) Flexibility

Mobile notaries can offer clients the convenience of having documents notarized at their desired location (home, office, hospital, and more). This is a key advantage over The UPS Store notary services, which are only available at a specific location. Emphasize the flexibility of your service and the fact that you can provide notary services to clients 24/7, including weekends and holidays.

2) Convenience

Mobile notaries can save tons of time and effort for their clients by eliminating the need to travel to a physical location. Highlight the convenience of your mobile notary service and how it can save your clients time and energy.

3) Cost

While mobile notary services may be more expensive than UPS notary services, you can still compete on price by offering competitive rates, discounts, and promotions to attract more clients.

4) Reputation

To build a positive reputation you should provide high-quality, professional notary services and ensure that your clients are satisfied with their experience. Positive reviews from satisfied clients can help to  increase trust in your mobile notary service. You can publish such reviews on your own website or use a social service such as LinkedIn.

5) Marketing

Promote your mobile notary service through targeted advertising and marketing efforts, such as social media, search engine optimization, and local advertising. Make sure your website is professional and provides all the necessary information about your services and fees.

6) Networking

Network with local businesses and organizations to build relationships and increase visibility for your mobile notary services. Partner with local businesses to provide notary services to their employees or customers.

7) Specialization

Consider specializing in a specific type of notary service, such as real estate transactions or legal documents, to stand out from other mobile notaries and The UPS Store notary services.

Final Tips

By focusing on these tips, California mobile notaries can effectively compete with the UPS notary services and attract new clients. If you have specific questions on how to establish your notary business in California, we at Notary Course Online are always happy to help. Don’t hesitate to contact us or sign up for one of the notary classes we provide:

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