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State-Approved California Notary Classes: How To Choose the Right One?

11th March, 2023

California approved notary classes for notaries public - Notary Course Online

State-approved California notary classes are essential for individuals needing to know how to become a notary public in California or renew the notary commission. Classes for notaries public are designed to provide the knowledge and skills required to perform notarial acts in compliance with California Law and regulations.

Before choosing a notary class, make sure that the course vendor is approved by the California Secretary of State. According to Government Code section 8201.2, only state-approved vendors like Notary Course Online can provide classes that meet the state’s requirements for notary education. It is also necessary to know the difference between the two different types of notary courses offered in California and when you may need themRead on to learn more.

Are state-approved notary classes in California offered online or offline?

Notary classes can be taken either online or offline. Online notary classes offer the convenience of accessing the materials from any location with an internet connection. This option allows students to complete the course at their own pace, and may include interactive elements, such as videos and an online practice test. The latter is crucial to ensuring the student understands the course material and is ready to take the California notary exam

What are the 2 types of state-approved California notary classes?

In California, there are two types of state-approved notary classes:

6-Hour Notary Course:

The 6-hour notary course is required for new notary applicants, no matter how many approved notary commission terms they had before. 

Renewing notaries with an expired notary commission are also required to pass the state-approved 6-hour training.

The online class covers the basics of the notary public practice, including the duties and responsibilities of a notary, as well as rules and regulations.

3-Hour Refresher Notary Course:

The 3-hour refresher notary course is required for all notaries public who apply for commission renewal before their current one has expired. 

Only previously commissioned notaries public are allowed to take the 3-hour course. 

During the 3-hour online class notaries public get updated on all actual changes to legislation acts, notary rules, and regulations that occurred since their last commission was issued. 

Keep in mind that failure to complete the required notary education may result in the denial or delay of your notary public commission renewal. To avoid that, make sure to complete a California-approved notary course in advance!

Choose the state-approved California notary course you need and in the format you desire. With the necessary knowledge and skills, you can become an approved notary public. See the necessary steps you need to take after you have completed the required notary class.

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