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The Ultimate Guide to Notary Supplies for California Notaries Public

2nd June, 2023

Ultimate Guide to Notary Supplies for California Notaries Public

Notaries public need notary supplies to perform their professional duties. Not only are notary supplies helpful to ensure the authenticity and legality of the notarized documents, but they’re also necessary to meet the state law requirements that apply to notaries public. In California, there are both mandatory and optional notary public supplies that you can purchase from a state-approved vendor, such as a notary journal, notary seal, stamps, and thumbprint pad. In this ultimate guide from Notary Course Online, you’ll learn about the must-have California notary supplies you need to start your notary public career and keep it going successfully. Read on to find out what the main types of notary public supplies are, when you may need them, and how to purchase the right ones.

What are notary supplies and why are they important?

Notary supplies are special tools and materials that notaries use to complete their official responsibilities and follow the required procedures. These procedures include identifying the signer, ensuring the validity of documents, and recording entries. When notarizing documents, notaries public must create a verifiable record of their authority, which is impossible to do without certain notary supplies. In addition, notary supplies contribute to the maintenance of public trust in the notarial process, protecting individuals from fraud and identity theft.

What are the main types of notary supplies?

The California Secretary of State defines the three required notary supplies that must be purchased after receiving the notary public commission packet:

Notary Public Bond

A person appointed a notary public in the state of California shall purchase and file an official bond no later than 30 days after the beginning of the term specified in their notary commission, as stated by the California Government Code section 8213. A notary public bond is a $15,000 surety bond that protects the California public against possible financial losses due to improper conduct by a notary. The bond can be purchased from any bonding or insurance company in California. Notaries public must maintain the notary public bond for their entire 4-year term of office.

Notary Public Journal

California notary journal

A California notary journal is similar to a record book but is specifically used to record the details of each notarization act. California notaries public shall add a detailed entry about every such act in the journal, which includes fields for information such as the document type, date, time, location, identification details of the parties involved, notary fees charged, and any other relevant information. Detailed requirements for notary journals are specified by the California Government Code section 8206. Notary journals are required to keep record of notarial acts and are significant for maintaining accountability and protection against fraud.

Notary Public Seal/Stamp

California notary stamp

A California notary seal or stamp is an essential tool that is used to authenticate and validate documents. In California, notaries public typically use a rectangular, self-inking stamp that contains the notary public’s name, state, commission number, validity date, and sometimes a decorative border or emblem. Such modern notary stamps are often preferred to traditional ink stamps or seals. It is only allowed to purchase a notary seal or stamp produced by an authorized manufacturer in California. A list of such manufacturers is usually sent to a notary public along with their commission packet.

Although not specified by the law, additional notary public supplies may often be necessary in many types of notary public activities:

Pocket Embosser

pocket embosser notary supplies

A California pocket embosser can be useful as a layer of protection in addition to a notary stamp. Some notaries also use it as a compact and portable version of an embossing seal. A pocket embosser is optimal for carrying in a notary’s pocket or bag. Coupled with a traditional embossing seal or a self-inked stamp, it creates extra authentication on the notary’s documents.

Compact Notary Seal

Super slim notary seal

A California compact notary seal is a backup tool that notaries public can use in case of a lost or damaged primary notary seal. Notary Course Online offers a SuperSlim Seal, which can replace a regular notary seal or stamp when you need. It can also serve as an ideal solution for mobile notaries.

Disclaimer and Jurat Stamps

Notary Jurat Stamp for California notaries public

A California notary disclaimer stamp and jurat stamp can be used in a number of situations by notaries public. A jurat is a notarial act in which a person signs a document in the notary’s presence and swears or affirms, under oath, that the document’s contents are true and accurate. A disclaimer stamp, for example, may include a statement indicating that the notary is not providing any legal advice and the notary’s role is limited to verifying the signer’s identity and administering the oath or affirmation.

Thumbprint Pad

Inkless thumbprint pad

A California thumbprint pad, also called an ink pad or fingerprint pad, is an inked surface designed for capturing fingerprints. While notary acts commonly require the affixing of a notary seal, the use of thumbprints is less common. However, in certain cases or for specific types of transactions, a notary public may be required to take the thumbprints of the document signer(s) as an extra level of verification.

Where can you buy notary public supplies in California?

Notary public supplies can be purchased from various online or offline retailers , such as local office supply stores. However, you should make sure that the supplies you buy meet the requirements of the California Secretary of State. Here’s why Notary Course Online Store is the best place to buy notary supplies in California:

1. Reliability: As a state-approved online notary course vendor in California, we’re always aware of the current state regulations, and we constantly monitor the official updates to them. We offer the most beneficial notary supplies from authorized manufacturers. And, they fully meet California state requirements.

2. Convenience: We offer the convenience of browsing and purchasing notary supplies from the comfort of your own home or office. You can access a wide range of products and compare prices and features easily.

3. Variety and Customization: Online retailers often have a broader selection of notary supplies in California, including various brands, styles, and customization options. You can find specialized products that meet your specific needs.

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