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How To Become a Notary Public in California: 7 Steps

Would you like to become a notary public in California? Follow this comprehensive guide from Notary Course Online and get started on your notary career in a hassle-free way. Learn the 7 steps to becoming a notary public in California, from completing the professional qualification to submitting your application and taking the notary public exam. California notaries … Read more

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How To Make Money as a Notary Public in California? Tips & Ideas

Have you ever wondered how notaries make money once they have completed the necessary steps to become a notary public in California? While this might not be your primary source of income, especially when you’ve first started, you can definitely make extra money as a notary public. You just need to know where to find … Read more

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Mobile Notary Services vs The UPS Store. 7 Tips To Attract More Clients.

Without a doubt, notary services are always in high demand. Notaries public in California provide a wide variety of duties, such as apostilles and loan signing. One of the most common requests for notaries is document notarization. However, due to time limits, remoteness, complicated logistics, or other factors, clients may find it difficult to visit … Read more

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The Ultimate Guide to the California Notary Exam 2023

If you’re a legal California resident who wants to become a notary public, you are required to pass a written examination prescribed by the Secretary of State. The California notary exam is designed to test your knowledge of notary laws, procedures, and ethical responsibilities. The ultimate guide from Notary Course Online outlines the up-to-date specifics … Read more

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5 Steps To Renew a Notary Public Commission in California

If you’d like to continue working as a California notary you should be aware of how to renew a notary public commission in advance. The state of California requires notaries to renew a notary public commission every four years to ensure that they remain qualified to perform notarial acts and continue to serve as a … Read more

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