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Test Lesson 2

11th April, 2022

On the first day of writing, I will ask students to write a paragraph about something that they did over the summer (This is a nice, broad topic and allows you to spot key mistakes right away). Will the students write about several different activities or just one? Will they stick to one main idea? How many sentences will they write?

The only help I give them is to say that I am checking to see if they know how to write a paragraph. “What ever you think a good paragraph should be, show me.” is all I say.

Finally, I will have the students read their paragraphs. I will have a checklist to see how many students are using a topic sentence, closing sentence, at least four supporting details, and stuck to one main idea (This information will be used later to show how close, or far, they are to writing strong paragraphs).

Write a paragraph about something you did over the summer.