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3 Hour Refresher Course


( Notaries Public who have previously completed an approved six hour course )

California Three Hour Mandatory Training Course

The On-line Refresher Training Course is a review of the basics of being a Notary Public and to prepare re-commissioning notaries for the California Notary Public Exam.

  • Course presents the official California Notary Public Handbook in plain language you can understand.
  • This course includes an On-line practice test you must pass to receive your proof of completion.
  • The training focuses on what is important to pass the exam as well as general notary public duties.
  • Study at your own pace.
  • You may log in and out of on-line course at your convenience.
  • Same day Certificate of Completion.

A valid CA Driver License is required to take these courses

  • CA State Approved
  • Choose this course if you are renewing your commission and it hasn't expired yet.
    (* See Important Note Below)
  • 3 Hours Training
  • 12 Months Course Access
  • Free Bonus: 100+ Question Exam Prep Course ($25 Value)


* Important Note: If you are renewing and your commission is nearing expiration, it’s best to take the six hour training course. We’ve had many students take the three hour course with the intention of completing the process in time only to find that the state’s exam wasn’t offered soon enough. It’s only offered once per month in many counties and once every six months in some counties.

If you sign up for the three hour class and end up needing to take the six hour class because you ran out of time, we’ll move you to the six hour course free of additional charges, provided you’re in your paid access time. However, you’ll lose all of your progress and have to start from the beginning because of the additional content and the state’s requirement for time tracking.

The state also recommends taking the notary public exam at least six months prior to the expiration date of a current notary public commission so that there isn’t a break in between notary public terms. If all application requirements are met the state will issue the new commission 30 days prior to the expiration date of the current commission.

Because of these reasons we highly recommend taking the 6 hour course if your commission expires in fewer than six months.

The On-line Course is structured to teach you the basics of being a Notary Public and prepare you for the California Notary Public Exam.