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The Department of State’s Disciplinary Actions: January – February 2021

8th June, 2021

Department of state's disciplinary actions against notaries public in 2021

The Bureau of Election Services and Notaries took the following disciplinary actions against notaries public in January and February 2021:

A Lancaster County notary is suspended for 3 months. Such suspension is immediately stayed in favor of probation, with the notary required to attend 6 hours of approved notary education and pay a civil penalty of $250. This action was based on the notary’s failure to be familiar with the duties and responsibilities of a notary public. If you’re planning to start working as a notary public in California, learn about the qualifications and the 7 steps to become a notary public. This will help you to understand the duties better and avoid possible incidents in your practice.

An Adams County notary permanently and voluntarily surrendered her notary commission, because she failed to become familiar with the duties and responsibilities of a notary public by notarizing a document and failing to require the appearance of all parties subject to the notarial act. The notary public failed to establish the identity of all parties through the appearance of the person executing the instrument to be notarized and failed to properly maintain a notary journal recording items including the date, character, and/or parties to the notarial act. Besides, the notary charged a notary public fee in excess of the fees fixed by the Secretary of the Commonwealth.